Major Updates

GRPoints is honoured to introduce to you, our esteemed clients, Supreme eBanq Fintech (‘Supreme Fintech’) as our latest Premium collaborative partner. We have also recently upgraded our system to better support and serve you better.

Whats's New

  • All existing GRP ‘Members’ will be upgraded to ‘Agents’ status without extra condition or cost.
  • All ‘Agents’ will be able to refer new clients to us for onboarding and subscription of all our Premium Partners’ products and services and earn lucrative commissions.
  • All existing ‘Members’ and ‘End Users’ will be replaced as ‘Agents’ or ‘Clients’ respectively in the new system.
  • New ‘Agent’ applications will be selective only and company review is required for approval.
  • ‘Redemption Points’ will be renamed as ‘Referral Points’ which carry the same conversion ratio of 1RP : USD2 and are withdrawable to any bank account requested with immediate effect.
  • Redemption fees has changed to 1% + USD $25 (Bank Transfer) for every redemption request due to the bank has updated their fee.

Supreme Fintech

  • UK-based Challenger Bank.
  • Enterprise-level encryption.
  • Instantaneous global fund transfer via SWIFT and SEPA
  • Accounts are available in 3 major currencies: USD/GBP/EUR
  • Speedy digital asset conversion to fiat deposits.
  • USD-based prepaid Visa Card with a high preload limit available.

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